Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Big Changes = Time To Blog Again

Big changes in the Simpson Family!
We have a new addition to our lives and her name is Liberty Reign!
She is beautiful, and sleeps VERY well! (Thank you Lord!) I think she is going to have an interesting mix of mommy and daddy just like Isaac does. She definitely has Carl's hair color..and my eyes.
She is a sweet baby and she sleeps like a baby too!

on a slightly different subject....

I want to share the significance of her name with everyone. It is a declaration and a proclamation of literal, figurative and spiritual freedom reigning in every place, in every life and in every dimension!
For those who wonder what the point of having a name like this is, there are a few things that we believe that support our reasoning. One of them is that there is much scientific evidence and Biblical evidence that says that every particle in the universe was created through sound waves. This is how Genesis describes the Creation, God spoke the earth into existence. Every sound wave has the potential to heal or harm, to proliferate or to decimate. The Bible says to speak to the mountain and it shall be removed. You can take that verse a number of ways, but if we are to be temples of the living God and be His ambassadors to the earth, then I will take it every way I can, including to mean my voice has power. Power to raise the dead, power to curse a fig tree and it shall die.
I have seen things that seemed unchangeable change because of words spoken.

So Liberty Reign's name carries with it a huge significance. Each time a person hears her name, or says it, they can and will be affected. Each time the earth and everything in it hears her name, it will be changed.
I like the nickname Libby, it is cute, and it is acceptable. But that is all it is. Please, use it as you will, but I do ask that people say her whole name often as well. It is a great name. It is a proclamation. Those who are captives shall be set free. Free from the law of sin and death. Free of disease. After all, that is what the word salvation means. Complete health and peace in every way.
So as you read this, I hope and pray that you are set free in some way and that Liberty truly Reigns in your life.

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