Thursday, December 15, 2005

We must take a stand

This link is to a blog talking about a cross that is supposed to go up in Portland at the Pioneer Square (boy wouldn't the "pioneers" be flabergasted by what they see?) We absolutely must take a stand to have that cross put up. Early Christians were killed just for being Christians. What are we going to do in 5 years when we are in that position? Obviously if we keep doing what we have been doing (which is nothing) we will be in that position soon.
Either way, I think we must do something, whether we end up having to defend ourselves physically or not.
We are getting closer and closer to the position where Christians will be killed for their faith in America. The apostle Peter did carry a sword. And according to Jesus the rightful place (in Matthew 26) was back in its sheath at Peter's side. But when the right time to defend yourself and when to turn the other cheek is a difficult question. Trusting the Lord and listening to His voice for when to use or not use is the only way.
But right now, (thank God) we are only required to stand up for our beliefs and the freedom to express them. And thankfully we truly get our freedom from the Lord. This will further the cause of Christ not put a damper on Him. Unlike Lars Larson's (see his website at perseption, which I think is wrong but it is his to make and he is free to have. Look at all of the other countries (I can think of a few) that attack Christianity. The mainstream media doesn't want you to know it but there is "revival" in the church in most if not all those places. China, India, North Korea.

God forbid we ever get to be where they are. Of course, the Christians in those places think the same thing about us. The would never want our freedom. It breeds complacency. Where they are, you make your decision, and you better be serious about it because it could cost you your life. And choosing to become a Christian, choosing joy over sadness, love over hate, holiness versus filth, wholeness vs. emptiness is a crime. It is becoming a crime in America.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Carl is DONE with school!!

Well, Carl received a phone call late this afternoon informing him that the school is satisfied completely with all of his requirements and will be recommending him for his teaching license as soon as possible!!! This means he should be able to take a position if available in January, or substitute teach in January!!! Praise the Lord!!! Also, Isaac walked clear across the room today with no help or encouragement at all!!! (nor any shoes or socks!) He also said Mama (sounded like "ma'ama" this evening too!!!!! What an amazing Kid!!

Another topic.. CAN NOT WAIT TO GO SNOWBOARDING THIS YEAR!!!!! The snow seems really good for the most part and I will be able to ride instead of ski!! YAY! No more blisters as I was able to acquire some new boots and bindings for an early Christmas present at a great price! No more boots that were made in probably 1992 and bindings from 1994. I am not pregnant this season either so that is also awesome!

Carl is DONE!!! sort of

One teensie tini teeny weeny thing left!!!!!!!!!!! For his bachelor's degree, he has had to go through a long process of proving which classes he has had and why he does not need to take these new classes they want him to take since he has already done them. He was in an old education program which is totally different now, and the admin and teachers are almost all completely different too. So it has taken a while but now, we are down to the very last little thing which is ONE class that he has already done and having them verify that he does not need to repeat it. YAY!!! He could have his degree THIS WEEK!!! And be making (hopefully) three times as much money or more in January!!!!!!! Praise God for the increase and making us prosper!! We will probably be able to move out of this crappy house and into almost whatever we want!!! (within reason of course) Thank GOD this whole thing is almost done!!!