Saturday, July 08, 2006

Latest news!

I would like to thank anyone and everyone who has already asked me to book their travel! I have yet to advertise, except for this blog, and word of mouth, and have plenty of business! I am very thankful to all of you and please everyone, if you didn't know already, I can book ANY travel.

A note concerning airfare,...I can book it in a package as it is cost effective for me to do so, often saving you money and I myself am able to derive some commission from the airline off the sale. Much of the time though you will find the same rates yourself online. In order for me to take the time necessary to sell flights only, I will often be forced to charge a fee. I am happy to book flights for people, but if you are going to stay in a hotel or resort, please let me also serve you in this area too, as it usually will save you money and gives me the opportunity to be of greater service to you while remaining a successful business.

Also, I can book little hotel trips too, so don't forget about that!

Enough about the business though! Isaac is now 17 months old, and doing awesome! He is as adorable as ever, and one of the words he says the most is "Jesus!" only is sounds like "eeyuh!"
He worships the Lord at church and even laid hands on me once and said "eeyuh!" Seriously!

Carl has been hired as a teacher at the middle school as the teacher for behavioral intervention. Praise the Lord! He hopefully will be used by God to be a positive influence on some kids who really need good role models!

My parents are getting ready to build a log home and become dealers for log home kits themselves! Very exciting and hopefully it all works out as planned! :)

We had a tent meeting down here in southern Oregon a couple of weeks ago, with some awesome speakers! A man named John Crowder, who has a great book out that I highly recommend called "The New Mystics". He has a website by the same name. A wonderful speaker and excellent book! Just a man filled with the Holy Spirit who has a heart for the Lord and loves to pour himself out! We were truly blessed!

Also, Carl and I made the mistake of watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movie last night and I do not recommend it at all! It was long, confusing with the difficult accents, and had a lot of really gross looking characters in it that made my stomach turn over the whole time!

Well this is the latest scoop! God bless everyone, and hope you are all doing well!