Friday, December 30, 2005

Check this out! SO GROSS!!!!!!!!!


Latest goings on around here

Well, we had a very nice Christ-mas and are hoping to have a happy New Year too. Isaac got some very nice toys and clothes. We all got much more than we need and gave lots of great gifts too. We are TRYING to go snowboarding, but the weather has been so funky it just isn't going happen quite yet. If we didn't have to drive so far away!
Isaac is officially walking now. He walks most places. He still looks very much like a baby, and is a baby and is adorable as ever! It is so funny and cute to see him walking. He took his first steps at 9 months, and has been really walking since around 10 months, but now he crawls very little. I am trying to figure out a smart solution to having his birthday party. He also has two new little ladies in his life now. His cousin Abby, well she's been around for a couple months now, and his new little friend Hannah who is about 3 weeks old. He really likes the babies. He loves the little dogs and cats we see at peoples houses (or the neighbors cat in our yard). He love getting into EVERYTHING!!! Especially the refridgerator, the dishwasher, the bathroom, playing with his heater..... all NO-NO's!!! He is VERY good though, so happy and fun!

Anyway again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and I hope to post a little more often and put in more interesting info.