Sunday, October 23, 2005

Buff, Bear, Carl

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Bear pics

Here are some great pics of when Carl skinned
the bear! Posted by Picasa

Latest stuff going on around here!

Here is a recent photo of Isaac and Daddy...
Isaac is such a happy baby and has been so much
fun! He has two more teeth coming in on top!
Carl finally (after 2 years) got his bear rug back!
It is beautiful and a very big bear. It is hard to
believe but the bear weighed about 350 pounds
and practically would cover most of our living
room floor. We are trying to figure out the best
way to hang him on the wall.
Carl is moving right along with getting his
teaching certificate. He finally has been getting
the help he should have gotten all along, and things
are moving rather quickly. Praise the LORD!!
I will look for some more pics to post or take some
more, especially of Isaac.