Friday, December 02, 2005

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom

I have had a recent revelation about fear. The thought came to mind, I feel from the Lord, that old saying "you become what you fear, or the things you fear will come to pass", and then along with the saying, the verse in the Bible "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom".

Ok, obviously fearing God doesn't make us become God.

But think about this... If we become what we fear or cause our fears to come to pass by dwelling on them, we are (in the spirit realm) actually commissioning the enemy (satan and his cronies) to make these things come to pass. If we constantly are fearful of being sick or coming to financial ruin or being physically attacked or even spiritually attacked, then these things often come about because we have been meditating on them.

Our minds and our words are powerful. We were created in the image of God. If we speak something, it has the power to kill or heal. The Bible states this. It also states that as a man thinketh in his own heart, so is he (or something like that). Also, out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks. So when we dwell on bad things it is like building maybe a blueprint for the devil. Then, we speak about those bad things. We talk to people about them. We write about them. We might even pray about them too much. So then, then enemy hears our words and sees that we are focused on bad things. He says, "OK, You said it".

Now, think about this. If we focus on God, we focus on whatever is good, pure, lovely, righteouse, holy, etc... then those things come about. We focus on how beautiful He is. He comes to manifest His beauty in us. We focus on His holiness. We begin to live holier lives. We think about and talk about Him. God Himself begins to show up and manifest Himself in our daily lives.
The enemy doesn't want to do that (think about God, ever ever again. It would be diametrically opposed to everything he wants. he wants to steal, kill, destroy. he can't listen to lovely things. It would make him cringe. So the more we do this, the less we see him (devil) working in our lives.
This in turn enables our tongue to become more powerful in the heavenly realm. The abundance of our heart is full of GOOD. We are able to speak healing words into peoples lives more confidently, boldly, frequently. And we see the healing manifest more confidently, boldly, and frequently. We are able to see our own lives prosper and flourish with good things.

This is in no way a get rich quick scheme or a cheap way to have a happy life. We can only let God work in our lives if we will let go of every bad thing in our mind. This means spending more time with Him in intimacy.
And if we have trouble doing this, (which we will we aren't all powerful) then we have to open up and let the Lord do works in our heart and minds that we don't understant or don't have the power to do. This is part of the saving work of the blood of Jesus.

So of course I already had most of this somewhere deep down from the years of reading and hearing the Word. But I never connected the two thoughts like this before. That when we fear, it is like meditating and that fearing Him is the beginning of Wisdom. So maybe this is too elementary and simple. But it is GOOD. And it works on every level of all of our lives.
A couple of ways that some like to help themselves do these things are putting verses up around the house, listening to tapes, tv sermons and music, reading the Word, going to church, talking to other believers especially stronger ones, going to prayer meetings and Bible studies. I myself could do much more of these things.
Anyway, just my little new revelation. Hope it helps someone.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Very important news about Isaac

Yesterday evening, our beautiful son made clear to us that he knew two words! He has kind of been saying some "words" for a while but nothing very clear and almost all of it sounds like a few different things. He has always said "dada" since he could first speak. But last night he said "dis" and pointed at one thing and then "dat" and pointed at another thing. So we finally realized he meant "this" and "that". Carl and I repeated after him when he said it again. And VERY excitedly he clapped his hands, laughed and sort of said "yay" in his own little language. HE IS SO CUTE! So of course we did this over again a couple of times. Now he is saying this and that all the time. He still won't say "mama". But he knows what this and that are. I think he even understands a little of the meaning. You can call almost anything this or that. He seems to comprehend that "this" is usually closer and "that" is usually farther.
He also understands that the remote controls the TV and the game controller controls the game. Brilliant. He continues to amaze us with his sillyness, constant laughing and smiling and flirting, motor skills and smart things he is starting to do. He walked about 8 steps the other day without me even coaxing him. Wow, who knew a kid could be so much fun?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Update on Cindy

Just to inform anyone concerned. Cindy, Carl's Mother has been recovering quite well since the surgery. We were a bit concerned for a couple of days as her medicine was making her quite jumpy and her personality was being affected. She is quite back to normal, Thank God. Of course the typical world mentality is that with any brain surgery there is the risk of her personality being affected but we are believing and praying that God with heal her completely. Thank everyone who has been praying we really appreciate it and keep it up!