Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Announcing the Opening of Fly Family Travel

Hello, everyone who comes to the Simpson Family Blog! I just wanted to give out some information that may be of interest to you all!

Announcing the opening of my business
Fly Family Travel! I (Heather) have applied for my business license with the city, and am sending my state registration application in today! I have also signed a business agreement with a travel agency in Portland called ABC's of Travel. They have a website I am an independent contractor and will have their oversight and assistance every step of the way. I will have a website as soon as possible to serve my clients locally. If anyone would like assistance with travel needs, please email me by attempting to post comments (they are filtered because I was getting spammed comments). Put your email, name and phone number in the comments!

Once I have your information, I will contact you and arrange to meet if possible. I will meet people I know personally in their homes, and others in public places at their convenience. I am very good at returning email and of course telephone calls!

Fly Family Travel is a full service travel agency. The primary focus is "
Family Vacations". Cruises, All-Inclusive Resorts, Italy and Hawaii are the main products I will be offering. Of course I LOVE the entire world and am enthusiastic about sending people anywhere! I myself would love to visit just about every place people like to go!

I will be up and running completely either this week or next week and can start planning travel immediately. Once all of my license and registrations are complete, I will be legit and ready to roll!
I am SO excited about this!! I have worked in customer service for such a long time, and LOVE the travel industry!

My background if anyone is wondering, is training as an Airline Travel Specialist from International Air Academy. There I received travel agency training as well. I worked for Delta Airlines for just shy of 3 years. I have been in some type of retail or service industry for about 14 years. I also feel God has been directing my path throughout the years in this direction. My experiences and desires have culminated to this career. I am also operating out of my home to be able to stay home with the kid(s).

Fly Family Travel is going to be centered around the clients needs and desires! I want to give people a very harmonious travel experience. I will strive to give people the very best experience their budget can handle! I am not a high pressure sales person. For myself, I despise doing business that way! I will only upsell people to the things they really want, will enjoy and can afford. I would like to arrange plenty of luxury travel as well, and believe in this area there is a market for that, but offering true value is of utmost importance! Giving people the best experiences for their money is my goal! Throughout the years I have increasingly grown weary of the standard business/client relationship. It is no fun for anyone to speak to a client for 10-15 minutes (or more depending on the industry) and then never speak to them again! I desire ongoing relationship with my clients!

I would love to do business with
YOU! If there is any way I can be of service, now and in the future please contact me! I will be marketing Fly Family locally very soon. Some of the details are still being worked out! Get ready to plan the vacation of your dreams!

Sincerely and Excitedly,
Heather Simpson

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